It has recently come to the clubs attention that a number of other sites have been established with names which could easily be confused with our own.
It is important to note that our full name is now Our Freedom Caravan Club and our web site is

Our Freedom Caravan Club was originally formed in 1983 and prides itself on its motto

‘Big Enough to cope, Small Enough to Care’

and tries hard to put this into practice on its rallies and social events.

Licensed under the 1960 Caravan Sites Act, the club, based mainly in the North West, through its rally marshals, runs rallies in many areas.
The name ‘Freedom’ was felt appropriate by its founder members who were looking for a club in which they felt ‘free’ to promote their hobby of caravanning without all of the red tape and officialdom that often prevails in the bigger clubs and centres.
Allied to the fact that the Caravan Club were promoting caravanning with a film ‘Free to roam’, the name ‘Freedom’ was chosen.
A big thank you is due to ‘ The Caravan Club ‘ and the Department of the Environment
for all their help in getting us organised.
Please note that membership of ‘The Caravan Club’ is not a necessity to be able to join ‘Our Freedom caravan Club’,
nor does membership of our club preclude you from joining other clubs or centres of your choice.
We pride ourselves on keeping membership fees at a sensible level.
Fees are just £10.00 membership renewal (plus £5.00 admin joining fee for new members).
For more information on membership CLICK HERE
Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December.